【Movie】Have you ever eaten tofu before? How did you eat it?


Tofu is soybean curd. It’s white,  and it’s usually cut into a block. We use tofu in many ways. It’s very nutritious. Sometimes soy beans are called the “meat of the field.”

How to eat tofu


The simplest way to eat tofu is cold, with soy sauce and a little bit of sliced green onion and grated ginger. It’s called hiyayakko. If you boil tofu, that is called yudofu.

Two types of tofu


There are two types of tofu, called kinu goshi dofu and  momen dofu. The ingredients are the same, but the amount of water is different. Kinu goshi dofu, which is “silken tofu” in English – is very soft and smooth. Momen dofu, which literally means “cotton tofu,” is firmer than kinu goshi dofu. When you make momen dofu, you drain some of the water out after the nigari. When you make kinu goshi dofu, you don’t drain out any water.

【Movie】The Re-education of Tofu: Hodo Soy Beanery

Do you know how to make tofu ? Let’s check this movie.

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