【Movie】Have you eaten Japanese Pancake and Octopus Balls ?

Japanese Pancake and Octopus Balls.044

Okonomiyaki is the Japanese pancake, and takoyaki are octopus balls. They are served in restaurants at reasonable prices or cooked at home. Both are served with a Worcestershire-like sauce.

The okonomiyaki


The batter for okonomiyaki is made from flour, eggs, and stock. We mix minced cabbage and seafood or meat into the batter and fry the mixture on a hotplate. At many okonomiyaki restaurants, you do the pan-frying yourself on a hotplate attached to the table.

The takoyaki


Takoyaki’s main ingredient is octopus. Other ingredients are similar to those of okonomiyaki, but unlike the okonomiyaki, they are bite-size balls. We often buy a set of several balls from a stand on the streets.

【Movie】How to make the Takoyaki (octopus balls)

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