【Movie】What is Ninja ? -warrior with special techniques in the art of war-


Ninja is a person who served for the daimyo (feudal load), or a load of a fief/manor during the Sengoku Period (1493-1573), whose mission included sneaking into the enemy’s camp, conducting espionage, working out a plot and/or taking on an assassination, and is also called “shinobi no mono” (sneaking person). They are famous for freely using their unique skills – Igaryu (iga style) and Kogaryu (koga style) are among the most famous.

In ninjutsu (skills of ninja), there are tricks such as the gosha no justu (the five wheels technique), where the enemy’s state of mind is controlled, thus providing the ninja with important information; katon no jutsu (the fire release technique), where gun powder is used to lay down a smoke screen upon fleeing, and henso jutsu (disguising technique), where the ninja disguise himself as a merchant or a monk. Furthermore, shuriken (throwing star weapons) and makibishi (spiked caltrops) are among the well known ningu (specialized weapons) of the ninja. Today, ninja appears as a character in manga (comic books) and anime.

This movie may be useful for you to know how ninja throws the shuriken

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