【Movie】Have you ever seen a “Kyoto Kaiseki Cuisine” ?

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Kaiseki is a Japanese multi-course meal.  In Kyoto and Osaka, there are many fine kaiseki restaurants that are famous throughout Japan and the world. Some have been given Michelin stars.

A Kyoto kaiseki meal comprises several courses of Japanese delicacies such as sashimi, or sliced raw fish, grilled fish, and soup. In kaiseki there is no such thing as a main course. Seasonal ingredients are featured. The courses are presented beautifully on fine plates and bowls.

Kaiseki started in Kyoto as a light meal served before a tea ceremony. The food culture was polished while serving aristocratic families.

【Movie】Kyoto Kaiseki Cuisine

This movie would be helpful to understand what Kyoto Kaiseki is. We can enjoy not only a meal but also the arts in Kyoto Kaiseki course.

You should try to have Kyoto Kaiseki course, when you go to Japan.

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