“Kimono” – traditional Japanese wear -


Today, kimono are not worn as everyday attire but are worn mostly on auspicious  days such as the New Year, seijinshiki (coming of Age Ceremony), and other ceremonial functions. One puts on the undergarment slips, called nagajubon, over underwear, ties a cord  (koshihimo) around the waist, and then wears outer kimono clothing secured with a wide belt called obi. On formal occasions, as ceremonial dress, an unmarried woman wears a style of kimono called furisode, which has floor-length sleeve, and a married woman normally wears a tomesode (mainly black). Men, whether married or unmarried, wear hakama (divided skirt), and haori (half-coat) to be more formal. As a casual kimono, there is yukata (light cotton summer kimono) often worn at summer festivals and fireworks festivals.

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