【Movie】Do you know a traditional Japanese inns “Ryokan” ?


In Japan, there are two types of inns. One is the Western style hotel, and the other is the traditional Japanese style inn called a ryokan. In many ryokan, you can enjoy the old-style accommodation, Japanese food, and hot springs.

Ryokan Guest room, Kayotei Ryokan (traditional Japanese style inn), Yamanaka Onsen (Yamanaka Hot Springs), Japan

You can enjoy the hot spring in the ryokan.


When you enter your room, you will find tea, sweets, and a yukata. Yukata is a kimono-style sleepwear. You can also wear this to the public bath or the public eating area.

The tea and the yukata


At night, you sleep in a futon on the tatami floor. The futon you sleep on is a thin folding mattress. The top futon is like a comforter. The staff prepare the futon on the floor at night.

The futon


A movie about Houshi ryokan (Houshi means buddhist priest).

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