【Movie】Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality): we values the spirit of hospitality


When you go to shops or restaurants in Japan, the staff bow very politely to you. Because of the kind of behavior, the Japanese people are often said to be “polite”. This quality is probably rooted in the spirit of omotenashi – a Japanese type of hospitality. Shop and restaurants staff and company salespeople receive training to put their customers first.

For example, when cashiers give you change for your cash payment, they will hand you the paper bills first, wait for you to put them in your wallet, and then give you the coins. The ultimate example of being considerate to your guests is the tea ceremony. For example, the host will sprinkle water at the entrance to symbolize purification of the building. Seasonal flowers and art will also be displayed to suit the guest’s preference.

Japanese values the spirit of hospitality called “omotenashi“.

This movie may be also useful for you to understand the “omotenashi“.

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