BECK -A fantastic anime worked in the subject of music-

BECK_A fantastic anime worked in the subject of music

Hello, this is You Inoue. Today, I’d like to introduce a fantastic anime “BECK” worked on the subject of music. I told you in the past article that I liked animes. Actually, I also like music such as rock, punk, jazz and so on. Therefore, this anime moved my heart very much. You must want to watch this anime if you like music!

You can see the BECK episode-1 in below link for free.

<The following is a brief synopsis>

Yukio Tanaka, called “Koyuki” by his friends, is just a normal junior high school student to send a ordinary life. But his life is changed when he coincidentally met “Ryusuke”, he is a genius guitarist turned back from New York.

Koyuki said,『How long is this life going to continue? At the age of 14, my life was at a dead end. That is until I met him…』

BECK anime japanese

Ryusuke and Koyuki formed a band called BECK with Chiba(wrap vocal), Taira(base), Saku(drums) et al. Koyuki is allowed to bloom a natural talent and the BECK has been stacking small success little by little. One day, a cast request to the big rock festival will drop into BECK’s lap…

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