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Hello, my name is You Inoue. I’m a website owner and a co-author of this blog. First of all, I’d like to thank you for your visiting this site from a lot of websites and I’m happy if you enjoy this blog. In this article, I want to introduce myself.

[Who am I?]
I was born and raised in Japan. When I was child, I got into SF novels, movies, and animes which enable me to see a world nobody have never seen. So, I was very interested in Science, especially the Biology and the Chemistry in my high school. Therefore, I decided to specialize in Biotechnology in my college and obtained a Master’s degree in Bioengineering. After that, I joined one of the biggest Japanese pharmaceutical company to develop a new medicine. Now, I’m working as the product manager of several medicines to deliver new medicines to patients with EU, US, and other countries’ colleagues.

[Why was this blog created?]
While I’ve worked with other countries’ colleagues, I’ve become interested in foreign cultures. Also, I began to want to deliver Japanese culture to other foreign people more and more. And I and my college friend “Hiro” created this blog to deliver our Japanese culture to you and to communicate with you via each culture.

VISION STATEMENT: feel close to Japanese culture
MISSION STATEMENT: speak out Japanese philosophy and culture for people out of Japan

Thanks, You Inoue

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